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Twilight T00bs

Your Weekly Twilight Fix

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Twilight fanfiction
twilight_t00bs is based on the Harry Potter fanfiction community, fanfict00bs, where every Monday a new fanfic is posted.

Posting began in August, 2007. We are home to fabulous authors cinnamon_kisses, adair7, unicornhime, wuthers, and jacyevans, and former writer, kaiwynn. Our stories feature a variety of ships, genres, and ratings, and are posted every Tuesday T00bsday.


Katie is a hopeless romantic who lives vicariously through books. Jane Austen owns her soul. She's been writing fanfiction for 6 years, a veteran of the Harry Potter fandom and a stubborn shipper. She writes almost exclusively Edward/Bella in the Twilight fandom, although she's been known to give in to slashy tendencies occasionally.

Katie is known as the "Smutty T00b" thanks to her penchant for putting Edward in sexual situations.

Katie has yet to make an archive of her fanfiction, so we can't tell you where to find it all.


Adair is the only Canadian t00b and lives approximately 3 hours away from Forks, Washington. Unfortunately, Edward Cullen hasn't appeared anywhere in her vicinity but she likes to imagine he's there anyways. She's new to the realm of fanfic having only started in the summer of 2007 but is enjoying the complex situations she can get the Twilight characters into - including all the things Stephenie would never write. She writes mostly Edward/Bella but her OTP is Jasper/Bella (with a hint of Edward thrown in for flavour).

Adair is known as the "Mystery T00b" because you never know what she's going to write next.

You can find all her fics at paris_falls.


Lauren is on her way to becoming an middle school English teacher, and if that doesn't tell you how insane she is, she doesn't know what will. She started writing fic when she was in middle school (she won't tell you what fandom), and has been going off and on since then, though more off than on. She accidentally discovered Twilight in a bookstore on her lunch break two summers ago and was immediately hooked. She likes to change one minor detail in the canon plot and then see where that leads her, and also loves the side characters that most people tend to ignore.

Lauren dubs herself the 'Bipolar T00b' because she tends to either write Dark! or complete fluff.

You can find her stuff over at twicexshy.


Christina is a 21-year-old English major, and former Navy brat from San Diego, California (by way of pretty much everywhere else). She's not going to tell you what her first fandom was, because it's highly embarrassing, and her skin is so pale, she'd flush like a tomato and stay that way for days. She's been reading and writing fanfic for six years now, when she isn't licking postage stamps, or studying for biology finals.

Christina is known as the Delusional T00b, because Twilight is a trilogy! It's rare that you'll find her writing fic that includes Breaking Dawn canon. Instead she focuses on missing moments from the first three books, or storylines that branch off and become AU (usually from some point in New Moon).

You can find her fic at ofbloodandsin, and also at dysenchanting.


Andrea is a native of New York City who has been writing fanfiction for almost 6 years. She got her start with Buffy/Harry Potter crossovers, but begs you not to look for them, because most of them aren't any good. Joss Whedon has owned her soul for quite a while, and she apologizes to Stephenie Meyer for any misunderstandings this may have caused. Her main ship is Edward/Bella, but she does not hide her love for Jacob, or Jacob/Angela.

Andrea has been dubbed "Angsty T00b" because what's a fic without a little angst?

You can find all of her fic at aseagulliniowa.